LED Pendant Lights Combine Style and Efficiency

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LED Pendant Lights

One of interior design’s hottest trends right now is the LED pendant light. Pendants are available in every conceivable design style, from traditional shapes to modern minimalist, as well as in shapes and forms inspired by history, ancient cultures or art movements. When choosing a pendant, consider the ambience of your home. Is the vibe warm and welcoming or spacious, sleek and streamlined? If your furniture and design elements have a rustic or cottage sensibility, you might decide to choose a pendant modelled on one used in a 19th century schoolhouse or one that features wrought iron design. If your style is industrial chic, look for a pendant with clean lines constructed with repurposed materials. More formal design styles can accommodate ornate pendants or ones with floral patterning, crystals or glass beads. Do you like to combine design styles? Then you can choose eclectic or whimsical pendants with a playful feeling. Or choose a transitional style, such as pendants with a neutral-coloured drum shade that will work well with any décor style.
Pendants are also extremely flexible in that they can be used one by one to focus light on a tight area or in groupings to provide lighting that covers a large space. Virtually any room in the house can benefit from pendant lighting. Place a pendant in the foyer to give your entryway a welcoming glow. In the kitchen, put a pendant over the sink to light this important work area or over a breakfast nook to add light on chilly winter mornings. A kitchen countertop or island is the perfect place for a row of pendants. Three pendants hung at equidistant intervals gives the area balanced illumination and appearance. The dining room is another excellent place for pendant lighting. You can hang one large pendant or chandelier over the table or you can place a grouping of small pendant fixtures. Opt for the biggest pendants that will work in your space in order for them to have visual impact. Small pendants will be lost in a large space.

Cutting Edge Technology

LED lighting is pushing the boundaries of lighting technology, and there are many reasons why the popularity of this type of pendant is on the rise. LED advantages include:
  • Eco-friendly. LEDs are free of toxic materials and 100% recyclable; they also have a long life, which reduces their environmental impact.
  • Energy efficient. LEDs produce more lumens of light output per watt of electrical outlet than traditional bulbs. They can also operate with a low-voltage power supply.
  • Light disbursement. LEDs brighten immediately and focus without the need of an external reflector.
  • Durable. Able to withstand extreme weather and hardy, LEDs are great for outdoor use.
  • Emissions. LEDs feature minimal UV and infrared emissions.
The beauty and versatility of a pendant powered by the efficiency of LED technology is a great combination!

Ordering Online

One of the best ways to shop for pendants and other lighting products is online. Better Canadian online lighting specialists carry premium brands from both Canada and the US, and ordering from these outlets can cut out expensive cross-border brokerage fees and other costs. Plus, shopping from the comfort of your own home offers unparalleled convenience.
Explore LED pendant lights online and bring their beauty and efficiency home!